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July 1, 2022
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Love Academy MOD, This game will take you back to your school days, in a school full of beautiful, charming girls. The story begins with a young student who has just entered the university environment. He always thought of college as days of studying hard in the lecture hall, with piles of textbooks and days sleeping in the library.

However, the university environment is not only about knowledge. It was also a memorable experience of friendship, teacher-student friendship, overnight parties. Help the young student enjoy the fun and solve all the challenges he encounters.


Join the game, you will enter a challenge, you will score how many points the challenge requires to win.
Points are scored by linking items together. The minimum is three items, while creating more than five items will form special boosters. These boosters have the ability to destroy nearby items or destroy the entire row-column on the chessboard. You have to optimize your gameplay to complete more challenges.

There are two types of entries on the board. The first is a regular item, they come in many colors and each color is assigned a certain number of points. If you want to get more points, you have to continuously increase your bonus with the second item type Lips. The bonus rate increases gradually according to the rank. Tertiary lip, corresponding to 75%. The second level requires 8 Lips, which gives a 150% bonus rate. Just like that, you will increase the bonus to unlimited.

However, the Academy of Love is not so easy. For each challenge, the number of moves is limited. And so you have to balance between the right items to score points, or link Lips to increase the Bonus.

Over time, the difficulty level of Love Academy also gradually increased. You will face challenges with more requirements, while you only have a few moves. Each decision will turn the story in a different direction. And this is something that most match-3 games on the market have yet to do.

In addition, the graphics of Love Academy are also meticulously designed. Characters with beautiful faces and smiling expressions will make you feel excited.

MOD Features:

1. Unlimited Energy // May show 0/20 But when you play you will have a lot of Energy
2. No Ads


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