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October 20, 2022
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Among Us APK MOD, is a multiplayer (online) game that allows 4 – 10 players to play together. 1 to 3 of them are randomly selected as impostors or killers (Impostor), and the rest are crew members or teammates (Crewmate). The crew’s goal is to find and eliminate the rogue and complete missions around the map, while the fake faction’s goal is to kill the crew members without being detected by anyone.


The setting of Among Us takes place in a spaceship in space, where the astronauts in the ship must try to find a way to start the ship to leave space. However, among the crew, there were impostors who infiltrated the ship to sabotage the ship. They can destroy ships, cause chaos, division, even murder. So the goal of the astronauts is to find the anonymous rogues to launch the ship before being destroyed and destroyed by them.

If you have ever known Ma Wolf, this game also has a similar gameplay. The rules of the game are not too difficult to understand for new players, to win understanding the rules of the game is only an important part, it is important that you reason quickly, put your faith in the right place, even deceive people if you are a murderer. core.

Among Us MOD requires the player’s flexibility and intelligence, not too high of skill. In addition, if you have a group of friends to play with, it is extremely interesting. You will have hours of fun together.

MOD Features:

- [ Player Menu ] -

  • - Show Player Info
    - No Clip
    - Move In Meeting
    - Spam Report (Meeting Must Start)
    - Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
    - No Meeting Cooldown
    - Close All Doors
    - No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
    - Can Move In Vent
    - Sabotage Lights
    - Repair Sabotage
    - Teleport Outside
    - Teleport Inside
    - Spectate Player
    - Shadows Through Walls
    - Speed
    - Torch Distance
    - Pick Fake Role
    - See Ghost + Chat
    - Sabotage (Have Cooldowns)

- [ ESP Menu ] - Esp Lines To Players

  • - Crew-mate(s)
    - Impostor(s)
    - Scientist(s)
    - Engineer(s)
    - Guardian Angel(s)
    - Shape-shifter(s)
    - Ghost(s)")

- [ Host Menu ] -

  • - Change Player Roles
    - Kill Player
    - End Game [ Impostors Win ]
    - End Game [ Crew Wins ]
    - Uno Reverse Vote [Everyone Votes Themselves]
    - Anti Vote [You Cant Be Voted]
    - Redirect Vote [Take everyone's vote and vote a selected colour]
    - Complete My Tasks
    - Complete All Tasks

- [ Everyone's Name Editor (Host) ]

  • - Enter Player Name
    - Select Player
    - Text Effect (RGB Animation , RGB Slider)
    - RGB Slider (Red , Green , Blue)

- [ Account Menu ] -

  • - Change Name
    - Enable Free Chat

- [ Passive ] -

  • - Chat Always Visible
    - Unlocked Hats
    - Unlocked Name Plates
    - Unlocked Pets
    - Unlocked Skins
    - Unlocked Visors




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