SECRET Fan Crush APK (MOD, Infinite Stars)

Download SECRET Fan Crush APK (MOD, Infinite Stars), players will be briefly introduced to the main character that the player will incarnate. The main character is described as a high school girl, has no dreams or goals, is a boring guy, every day returning home from school is just plugged into watching TV and playing games. But until she heard a familiar piece of music along the way, her life changed radically. Since then she has had a hobby, a group that she devoted herself to, and until she met the idols within the band PANDORA.
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August 15, 2021
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SECRET Fan Crush APK,The game describes that 7 members of the band PANDORA will represent 7 human crimes. And the main character can only choose one person and constantly flirt with him, the target can be selected according to the player’s liking. The character will also be drawn in a webtoon style, very handsome and stylish, he can make a girl fall in love at first sight. During the process of discovering each life of character, players will constantly collect important personal information. This information can be used reasonably to enable the opponent to think positively about the main character. But it is important to avoid revealing that you collect secret them in, otherwise you will fail with this goal.

During the game, after completing some mini-games, the player will receive a Star award. With Star, you can buy some items or costumes to change your appearance. The appearance will be constantly displayed throughout the game and this does not affect the plot, but when you buy Couple Set, the story is different. With Couple Set, you can make some special dates with the character included in the Set. And your progress will be faster than the other guys, this is a great advantage to completing this game quickly.

Players can freely change routes with different goals, and they are not related to each other’s progress. General gatherings will not affect the route of another character, so players do not necessarily have to think about catching all targets in one go. However, each goal will start from the beginning like it was just getting used to.

Each goal will be set closely, with your own personality and personality, such as honesty, coldness, mischief, … Every time you choose a dialogue, goals will automatically analyze the answer and will give the corresponding dialogue. So that the plot of the story happened according to the player’s wishes. But note that some situations will happen unexpectedly, players need to choose within a limited time.

To help players relax while playing, the game will also have light background music, giving players the best experience. So if you are a fan of collecting games for yourself like this. What are you waiting for? but don’t immediately download “SECRET Fan Crush” and start the journey for yourself!!!


Features MOD :
1. Infinite Stars
2. No Ads
Credit: Bedo13

MOD Features:




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