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Download Renryuu: Ascension APK, The fantasy RPG is fully realized with the excitement, danger and companionship of beautiful women! Your party starts with only 3 characters, but during your trip, up to 12 people will join your group. All 9 girls at the party will have at least 3 CG, from a nude scene to a full night of fun when your relationship is high enough. As well as additional CGs of supporting characters that can be found around the world on your journey.
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April 25, 2021
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Renryuu: Ascension follows the story of Ryen, a half dragon-half human. After some sudden events Ryen becomes the King of his country and starts his dutys as the King in the castle while also traveling around when needed to take care of many problems inside and outside of the country.​

What's new

- The CG scene for memory orb 1 from the Spire of Courage challenge floor has been added. You can start the scene by interacting with the orb in your inventory. The scene requires only the orb, nothing else.
- The brawl battle system for Brad was changed. It uses the normal battle system now, but you fight only with Brad. The first victory against an opponent gives you a new skill and training points. With the training points you can increase Brad's stats by training with the orc Uruk at the academy. Due to the changes, the brawl battles will now make Brad stronger for normal battles, which makes more sense than a separate battle system.
The changes will also push Brad a bit more into his new intended role of the more evasive tank with debuffs, while Trey is the main DEF tank, and Kayelinth will be the M.DEF and regeneration tank.
If you already had the first three brawl battles with Brad, you can use the cheat book in your bedroom to learn the new skills.
- The elf Zaleria is now available as a brawl opponent for Brad in Orchel. The events will also lead to a CG scene with her and her sister Ashryn.
- After defeating Seiho, Uruk, Aika, and Zaleria in brawl battles, you can challenge the martial artist master Ash and her student in Kagabagui. Winning this fight will change Brad's class from an "untrained" brawler to a martial artist. The class change will increase his base stats.

- Tsubaki's and Trey's base AGI stats were increased, but heavy armor reduces the AGI more than before.
- Tsubaki's base hit% chance was increased.
- A new legendary whetstone can be obtained from the metal chest in the fire raid. Tsubaki can use this whetstone at the fire raid anvil to upgrade her Setsuna to legendary quality. Setsuna+ will allow her to use the skill Bright Whirlwind, which does light element damage to all enemies.
- Ryen's Fire Recovery was bugged. It healed 25% of his current HP instead of his max HP. It's fixed now and should make it more valid as a healing option.
- Ryen's Flameblade and Dark Blade skills now add 20% crit chance additionally to the change of element for his attacks.
- The cost for Mira's Recover Energy skill was reduced from 300 to 100 MP.
- Chiyo's knowledge skill was weakened a bit, the cost increased from 40 to 45 MP, and it can't crit anymore.
- Increased the chance for Memory Orb 3 to appear in caves from 2% to 10%. The chance for the CG scene events to appear was also increased. The chance to receive green chest loot from a cave was removed.
- Fixed a bug where the Frozen Panties of Frozen Queen wouldn't drop when you had Tiena's Panties in your inventory.
- Kalia, the water mage of the raider group, now gives you the option to trade 5xWater Bottle for 1xWater Bucket when you have at least 5 bottles in your inventory.
- It's not possible anymore to plant seeds in the nature raid area when you don't have fertilizer. This'll fix the bug of planting spots to become unavailable when you put a seed in without fertilizer, as it wasn't possible to add the fertilizer later.
- The damage of Chiyo's single target spells was increased. The Ice spell reduces AGI now, but does less damage than the Water spell.

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