OrderZero MOD God Mode | Damage Multiplier

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How to install?

1. Uninstall Playstore version.
2. Tap Install Modified APK.
3. Play the game and enjoy!


1. Download the OBB file
2. Download mod APK
3. Move the OBB files to the Android/OBB folder in your device
4. Install mod APK
5. Enjoy !

4.4/5 Votes: 2,921


OrderZero MOD, Classic shooting game with beautiful anime style. This game provides you with a diverse system of items and weapons to be able to destroy all monsters, and improve the attack and defense of your character. Players will freely explore and conquer hundreds of different levels from easy to difficult to accumulate combat experience for themselves.


The plot is the journey of the heroines fighting against the forces of darkness that have devastated the beautiful city where they live. You will go through many different levels to destroy all the monsters on the map and unlock the levels with the next challenge.

The classic battles in OrderZero are controlled with simple gestures. You will move your character while attacking and defending against an army of monsters. Requires you to always be flexible and observe the opponent accurately to be able to hit the target. At the same time, you also need to have a suitable battle plan, select attack targets and necessary skills before each match and upgrade them to deliver the most powerful attacks.

An indispensable thing of the shooter genre is that you will have to upgrade and customize your weapons and equipment in a reasonable way to help you increase your chances of survival.

OrderZero will bring you an endless chain of journeys with challenges worth experiencing. There are hundreds of consecutive levels for you to participate in and show off your shooting skills. The levels are meticulously designed with beautiful new monsters and terrain that require players to change tactics. The monsters in each level will get stronger and stronger, and if you win that level, you will win valuable loot. And the special thing about this game is that you can leave the game whenever your achievements remain the same.