Brave Nine Tactical RPG MOD Battle Speed & Repeat

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February 21 , 2023
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Brave Nine MOD, tactical RPG brings you a unique 3D world with many carefully prepared elements. You will enter a mythical world, a world genre loved by many for its mystery and plot. The main character will have an adventure when going through different missions.

Brave Nine gives you simple and accessible gameplay for players. To go through the missions you will have to control and arrange many characters on your team to overcome many different challenges.


The game revolves around turn-based combat in a large square divided into many different small cells. And you can move the character from one location to another with just one swipe. At the same time, the arrangement of characters also requires a certain calculation when you will not control each character but will observe the battle against their enemies. A team will usually have many different characters.


Each character will have a suitable position based on the character’s characteristics, skills and stats, this is very important when each match is played automatically because every factor can affect victory. of the game screen.

When on a mission, you will be able to arrange your team and know the opponent’s lineup so that you can calculate it in a completely reasonable way. After starting, you will see the order of each character’s hit by the image bar below. Creating a solid squad is always a prerequisite for games of this genre.

Brave Nine MOD tactical role-playing game brings you a unique 3D world with many elements of surprise. If you are a lover of games of this genre and are looking for a unique game, you cannot ignore Brave Nine Tactical RPG.

MOD Features:

1. MOD Menu
2. Battles Speed x20


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